Black and White Wedding Cakes

Black and White Wedding Cakes – There is no doubt that the color theme sets the tone for your entire wedding so if you’re searching for an elegant, refined look, black and white is the answer. It’s a classic combination which will stand everlasting. Best of all, grooms also love a black and white combination as much as the brides do. Black and white wedding cakes have a sharp, elegant look that appears good with a range of weddings from simple, classic events to formal, black-tie affairs. With such a wide form of designs to choose from, couples who hope to have a black and white wedding cake can be certain to find one that suits their own wedding.

black and white wedding cakes

Variations of Black and White Wedding Cakes

Many couples want the contrast of black upon white but without an excessive amount of ado. To show off a black and white combination in a more delicate way, cake designer can ice the cake in smooth white fondant. Then wrap a luscious satin ribbon on the bottom of each tier, to make a round of shiny black. For a more delicate look, designer can use black lace instead of ribbon. Accent the cake with bright red flowers.

Couples who are searching for a unique wedding cake might love the look of black and white wedding cakes with randomly shaped and styled tiers, or stacked at angles upon one another. The result’s a whimsical black and white wedding cake that looks like it is performing a balancing act. Giving every layer a distinct personality, like stripy, polka dots, floral styles, or stars, adds to the gorgeous chaos of the cake. For a little bit of fun, the cake designer can add bright red ornamental cherries to the cake.

Damask isn’t only for wallpaper or upholstery anymore. It is an ornate decoration that may look striking when featured in black and white on a wedding cake. With a historic and stylish look, a damask cake could complement a range of wedding themes, from traditional to vintage, and also modern. On a cake that layered in white fondant, cake designer can add edible paint or cutouts of black fondant to put black damask print. For an additional special presentation, the damask cake can be placed on a black/white pedestal.

Black floral print on a white cake features a dramatic look that’s also very versatile, and appears sensible at a range of weddings. After adding a layer of white fondant to the cake, cake designer can enhance it with a floral print. As an example, tiny, delicate flowers that swirl over at the top and begin down the sides of the cake have a chic and tasteful appeal. Other couples might like the bold look of a number of massive flowers that pop out from the sides of the black and white wedding cakes.

Finishing for black and white wedding cakes

If you wish to add a touch of romance, think about adding some pink or red accents to the black and white wedding cakes. If you’re a modern bride that may prefer to add a splash of classy color, but still maintain a chic and elegant look, try adding lime green or bright yellow as the combination. Each of those colors is excellent decisions for spring, summer and rustic weddings. Enjoy your wedding with black and white wedding cakes!

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