Wearing a Blue Wedding Dress at Your Wedding

Blue Wedding Dress – Blue can be vibrant, calming, bold, or also warm and it has a special place at every weddings. Phrase “something blue” has been a part of weddings for hundreds of years. Even ancient Romans wore blue as a symbol of affection and fidelity and before the late nineteenth century, it had been truly common for a bride to wear a blue wedding dress. If it had been good for the Romans, it will definitely be wonderful for you!

blue wedding dress

Great Shades of Blue Wedding Dress

There are such a lot of shades of blue that you simply have for your blue wedding dress or incorporated into the look of your dress depending on the season you’ll be married in or the tone you’re trying to set. For a wedding in winter, midnight blue embroidery would be gorgeous or for a summer wedding, you may have an aquamarine or turquoise color in your wedding dress.

Blue is such a typical color for a wedding ceremony because it’s so versatile. Cobalt colors in the early fall, navy look in the winter, periwinkle accent in the spring, and blue sky in the summer are simply a number of the seasonal variations of blue color. You may have one of these colors for your wedding and then accent your own blue wedding dress with the hue through rhinestones, embroidery, or sequins. You can also add some sapphire colored stones to your bridal headband and on your wedding veil to tie it all together. For a touch of blue, ask your seamstress to add soft blue chiffon into a ruffled train or have a little blue tulle poking out of from the bottom of the dress. Very similar to any part of marriage, you can be blue just by under the radar or over the top. If you’re planning to be married in the winter, take into account having a blue wedding jacket made to wear over your wedding dress. This can permit you to take gorgeous pictures in the snow then reveal a contemporary blue wedding dress to your guests at the reception.

No one will question this color choice for your wedding dress, because of the saying goes, “Marry in blue, and the lover be true”. Make the decision, and have your ideal wedding dream comes true.

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