Blue Wedding Shoes to complement your Blue Wedding

Blue Wedding Shoes – searching for your ‘something blue’? Unsure what wedding shoe style to go for? Why not mix the two and choose a bright blue hue for your huge day shoe? If you are after your ‘something blue’ to wear on your feet then you may love following beautiful blue wedding shoes. There are many different shades of blue that look attractive as a wedding color. And those different blue colors represent different meanings and styles.

navy blue wedding shoes

Kinds of blue wedding shoes

There are some totally different blues that you just can select for your ideal wedding. Light Blue shoes are very in style for both formal pale blue and silver wedding themes, winter wonderland weddings and also casual beach wedding themes. There also aqua and teals which usually reminds of beach and/or tropical style weddings though the teal wedding shoes also are nice to be worn for a peacock themed wedding. Another blue is navy blue/dark blue wedding shoes that simply say sophistication and magnificence that makes them excellent for a classy wedding. From aqua through to royal blue there are some completely beautiful shoes that may complement any wedding.

Below are some fabulous blue wedding shoes ideas to inspire you

Refreshing blue wedding shoes add a pop of personality to your wedding outfit and provide a bright and breezy surprise for guests as they see the flash of blue wedding shoes walk by! If you’re getting married abroad, bright sky blue tones look picture-perfect against a light ivory dress – a cheerful color combination for any destination wedding.

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