Homemade Ideas to Make Your Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower favors commonly cannot be separated from bridal shower celebration. Favors are small souvenirs which are commonly given for the guests who come to the bridal shower event. These little souvenirs do not only aim to gratitude those who attend the event but also to make them remember about this special event. These are various kinds of things that can be used as favors for this kind of event. It can be something which is useful for daily basis or even something sweet to eat. Here, some ideas of bridal shower favors that perhaps can inspire you to choose one.

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Types of homemade bridal shower favors

Body care product is one of the examples that you can used as a gift in your special event. Body care product can be easily bought in the beauty shops but if you want to cut down the budget, you can go with homemade stuff. Besides more affordable, homemade body care are also more special. You can make natural body cream, honey lip balm, or others body care products which can be used by the guest for daily care.

For bridal shower favors, put those homemade body products into small bottles or jars which commonly used to keep creams or lotions. These kinds of packages usually can be bought form craft outlets. You can make stickers to write the ingredients of that product as well as the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. This sticker should be stick on each of the favor. Edible is another good idea for bridal shower favors. You can go with something tasty, sweet, or even salty. If you want to choose and edible, what you need to take a note is that you had better to choose food items which do not require to be kept in fridge or cannot easily spoil to make sure that your guests can enjoy it. You can make your favorite cookies recipe for this edible. For instance, chocolate cookies with fruits or other cookies which are made into wedding gown shapes. If you want to go with something salty, you can try castengels or its similar counterparts.

Put those edible in small tins or treat boxes which commonly souvenirs. You also can put it in small plastic package and embellish the package with ribbon for simple option. Those packages can be easily got from food section or craft store for bridal shower favors.

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