Chignon Hairstyles to Show the Elegance of a Bride

The chignon is a very elegant updo hairstyle that may turn a bad hair day into a dynamic look with not a lot of effort at all. Chignons are excellent for any occasion. This hairstyle can be polished, full and glamorous, or casual and untidy. The choice is yours and is just limited to your own imagination. Many celebrities like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Paris Hilton are all illustrious for wearing a chignon. However one must not forget that the gorgeous Eva Peron is the one that really created this updo famous.

If you’re searching for chignon how-to instructions, you’ll first need to choose one style out of the numerous variations available. Then, you furthermore may need to be aware that every style are often tweaked and worn off to the side, with some pieces of hair either down around the face or even all pulled back.

Regardless of which selection you decide on, there are a couple of essentials you must have handy so as to effectively create the design. It doesn’t really matter if your hair is freshly washed or not. This can be an updo that’s ideal for second-day hair as well as freshly washed and conditioned locks. It very depends on the design you’re trying to form, and how much time available you have to get prepared.


Classic Chignon for a Classy Look

The classic chignon style is an everlasting look that is ideal for any occasions. Not to mention, once you get how to do this, you can do it without a mirror while you are checking email in the morning. That is just a slight exaggeration however, hopefully you get the point.

First, smooth your hair into a low ponytail at the backside of your neck, and anchor it by using a paddle brush with a hair tie. Hold the ponytail, then gently twists it and it’ll begin to coil and twirl around of your ponytail. Secure the end underneath with a large hairpin, ideally a similar color as your hair color. You can add jewelry, beaded or floral accessories to your hair also for a splash of extra magnificence.

Ballerina Chignon for a Simple and Trendy Style

This is an elegant variation of the chignon that’s incredibly simple to do. Before you start with this variation, ensure that you just have a lot of bobby pins.

Start the same method like the classic chignon – by brushing your hair into a low ponytail at the backside and secure it with a hair band. Take a small piece, wrap it around the ponytail, and then secure it in place by using long bobby pins. You’ll continue to do that for all of your remaining hair, using similar sized pieces. When it’s done, you should not be able to see any bobby pins, however if there are some showing around the base, just cover them with a ribbon, barrette or flower, etc.

One of the great things about the chignon is that it can be personalized in many ways. The two variations above are only the most common and practical; however there are actually dozens of alternative styles. If you are still looking for any other hairstyles that might ideal for your hair, you might want to check following Updo Hairstyles or Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair make your big day become an ideal wedding.

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