Corset Wedding Dresses – One or Two Pieces?

There are various types of corset wedding dresses to choose from. Mainly, they are available in either one piece or two pieces dresses. Every style has its own advantages. What are they?

corset wedding dresses

Two-Piece Corset Wedding Dresses

The two-piece corset gown is perfect for ladies who are different sizes below and above the waist line. With a conventional wedding dress, you have to compromise and select one dress size. However with a corset wedding dress, you’ll select two different sizes. Therefore you can have a skirt in the size that fits you below the waist and so have a corset bodice in the actual size that may suit your upper body perfectly. That means the entire bridal wear is an excellent match and lots of brides with differing proportions notice that corset wedding dresses are the perfect selection for them.

Another advantage of the two-piece corset wedding gown is that you simply can select a bridal dress with two color combination. For instance, you can have your skirt in traditional white and one corset bodice in white to match, which might be ideal for the formal in church event and the formal photographs sections. Then you can have a second corset bodice in a different color that permits you to quickly and simply change your appearance for the evening reception. Only corset wedding dresses provide such simple and price effective flexibility for the bride.

One-Piece Corset Wedding Dresses

On the other hand, a one-piece corset gown has the advantage of being easy and without the fuss of getting a separate skirt to adjust. A number of the wedding corsets even provide additional ease of use by having a hidden zip at the back. This enables the bride to wear and remove the corset without having to re-lace the entire corset top.

In terms of price, a one-piece corset gown is usually cheaper than a two-piece one. However, a two-piece bridal corset is well definitely worth the extra value in terms of the extra advantages and flexibility it offers. Firstly, the price of a one-piece corset might quickly go up with potentially multiple alterations to urge to the perfect fit, whereas a two-piece corset may be fitted to separate dimensions which mean less alteration. And as mentioned previously, a two-piece bridal corset flatters unusual body shapes better and allows for a two color look if desired. Choose wisely and you will never regret for your ideal wedding with corset wedding dresses.

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