Cute Updo Hairstyles for Weddings

Cute Updo Hairstyles – A wedding is a special day and everyone wants to appear best for this occasion. With a good looking gown, it’s important that you wear an equally lovely hairstyle. Styles such updo hairstyles are very hip for occasions like weddings. If you cannot create an intricate bun, then here are some simple and great-looking updo hairstyle ideas that you can wear during the wedding.

cute updo hairstyles

Cute Updo Hairstyles for short, long or curly hair

If you have short hair until your chin or slightly below, then use these ideas. Set rollers in your hair to get lovely ringlet locks. Then remove the rollers and you’ll find lovely thick curls. Then use a sequined jeweled headdress to keep the curls up.

If you have long hair and wish to form good looking, romantic-looking cute updo hairstyles, then here are the steps. Very first thing is to curl your hair; you can use a curling iron to do this purpose. If you’re using a curling iron, then make certain you use lot of cream and hair serum on your hair, before curling them. Another way to form instant beach wavy hair is by using sea salt spray or volumizing curly hair serum. Apply any of those products on your wet hair then scrunch your hair. Let them naturally dry.

Once you’ve got styled your hair, use these steps to make curly cute updo hairstyles. Scoop hair backwards and tie them into a bun with an elastic band close to the crown. Then remove some hair strands on the sides and few close to the backside of your neck. Accessorize this beautiful bun using medium-sized floral hair accessories.

Half and Braided Cute Updo Hairstyles

To make a half updo style, side parts your hair and secure the hair behind the ear, and secure half of the hair into a bun close to the crown. Then curl half of the hair close to the bottom. You can place a gorgeous hair pin close to the updo to accessorize.

Braided cute updo hairstyles are very hip hairstyles and also have been used since ages. Brush your hair completely, and then separate your hair in the middle. Create mini French braids on each the sides of the parting and continue braiding until the back of the head. Join them to the back hair to form a much bigger braid. And then roll this braid and fix it close to the nape of the neck using clips and/or rubber bands. Then remove few hair strands from the sides to soften the appearance. To accessorize, tuck a gorgeous hair stick in the bun.

Many of above styles you can pick as your chosen cute updo hairstyles. Choose a specific style of updo, use the correct accessory, and enjoy the design. Make sure you use a hairspray after making the updo to make it last longer. Enjoy and have a nice wedding with cute updo hairstyles.

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