Fall Wedding Cakes – Wedding Cake Ideas

What is the perfect way to create your fall wedding reception even better? With an incredible wedding cake, of course! Get ideas and inspiration for the most beautiful fall wedding cakes.

The design of your wedding cake ought to complement the style of your wedding. The rustic style is very common for fall weddings. If you see yourself going to married in a barn wearing handcrafted bridal jewelry and carrying a bouquet of fall flowers, your cake ought to be equally rustic and filled with country charm. A stunning idea could be a cake embellished with sunflowers. The cake itself would be pretty frosted in a cream colored buttercream icing applied with rough textures. Tie brown raffia around the base of tier, and accent with several miniature sunflowers placed in clusters on each layer. It might be an ideal wedding cake for a country fall wedding: natural and exquisite, without seem too “perfect”.

fall wedding cakes

Fall Wedding Cakes of Fall Leaf Theme

Another lovely idea for fall wedding cakes could be a falling leaf theme. It can be done in some ways, from an elegant monochromatic style to a colorful flurry of leaves to a minimalist metallic leaf pattern. Select the design that most closely fits your wedding colors and theme. For example, for a formal dance hall wedding, it could be very autumn chic to have a tall cake embellished with gilded gold leaves. Show it on a gold tone cake stand for an even more of regal flair. Brides who prefer a more playful cake will choose various different colors and shapes of sugar leaves scattered all over the cake in a very random pattern. Real preserved leaves may be strewn about the cake table to continue the theme. One color leaf created to resemble fiery red maple leaves would be absolutely lovely for any form of fall wedding.

Your fall wedding cakes also can be an opportunity to indulge your whimsical side. A really playful idea is to embellish the sides of the cake layers with flat cut out silhouettes created to appear like your favorite forest animals. It might be simply pleasant to see a set of forest creatures like foxes, deer and squirrels around the cake tiers. If you prefer, forest foliage and acorn shapes also can be applied to the wedding cake. Do it all in soft woodsy shades of mushroom, pine green and reddish brown. This kind of cake would be a natural choice for the bride who enjoys distinctive things that are handcrafted especially for her, like one-of-a-kind printing invitations and custom bridal jewelry.

Bark tree as an idea for fall wedding cakes

With nature being such a popular fall theme, another fantastic possibility for a fall wedding cake is one created to appear like tree bark. There are many approaches to this idea. The first is to frost a cake with bittersweet chocolate icing that has been dragged with a tool to appear just like the bark of a tree. Enhance it with forestry accents, like marzipan mushrooms and fern leaves made from gum paste. Another very cool tree inspired cake style is to frost the wedding cake with a white chocolate ganache. Once dusted with cocoa powder, it’ll seem like the bark of a white birch tree. What a very unique take on the white fall wedding cake! Add miniature sugar fruits or berries as the decorations.

The possibilities abound for lovely fall wedding cakes. From the elegant to rustic, whimsical to romantic, there’s one thing that’s excellent for any fall wedding. You may relish designing the cake for your fall wedding nearly as much as you may eat it!

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