Gold Wedding Bands

Gold Wedding Bands are the highest wedding band choice from couples for hundreds of years. With such a large choice of gold rings created with different gold karats and colors and limitless styles, the possibilities for designs during this versatile and malleable metal are endless. You will find the pros and cons of the various kinds of gold karats, the best gold for wedding rings and distinctive designs like rose gold wedding bands.

yellow gold wedding bands

Styles of Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is alloyed (mixed) with other metals like copper, silver, palladium, platinum, or nickel to make different types of gold karats and varied colors of gold. While gold has been used for wedding rings for thousands of years, here are the most common types of gold wedding bands today:

18k Gold Wedding Bands – 18 carat gold is 75% pure gold (by weight): Wedding rings in both rose 18k gold, white 18k gold and yellow 18k gold are the best level of gold carat that is best for wedding rings.

14k Gold Wedding Bands – 14 carat gold is 58.3% pure gold (by weight): In the last twenty years, 14k white gold has been the most widespread metal used for men and women’s gold wedding bands.

Rose Gold Wedding Bands: Once quite rare, but are growing in popularity nowadays due to an increasing interest in vintage style wedding bands. No other metal can match the luster and attractive look of rose gold, and this metal is ideal for unique engagement rings and vintage style of wedding bands.

Yellow Gold Wedding Bands: Though white gold has been the leading wedding rings metal for several decades, yellow gold wedding bands haven’t gone out of favor. With a classic look of quality, yellow gold remains a most popular wedding bands metal.

Gold Wedding Bands are easy to be treated

Gold is an extremely soft and malleable metal, and these properties of gold permit it to be easily shaped into a variety of ring designs including custom made styles, intricate carvings, advanced patterns, and inlays with stones or other metals. Gold is resistant to oxidation, although it’ll develop an upscale coating with age that is very desirable in antique or vintage ring markets.

Because gold wedding bands could scratch and bend, they do need to be treated with somewhat attention. If the bands become broken though, the good news is that a skilled jeweler can typically repair the band as silver and gold are the two metals that are typically the simplest to repair.

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