Personalized Candy Wedding Favors

Are you looking for unique things for your wedding? Why not try personalized candy wrappers, mint books, bottle labels or invitations?

personalized candy

Personalized candy wrappers make excellent place card holders, thank you souvenirs, or as a part of a table centerpiece. Candy wrappers fit standard size of many candy bars and may be personalized to your specifications using any font, color, shape or image you want. You are able find them in full color and high grade quality paper. They’re best if printed by a professional with color laser jet printer. The candy bars could also be putted in colored foil pouches for additional touch, then wrapped in your own personalized wrapper. You can find foil in many various colors to match your decoration. If you don’t like chocolate or candy, you are able to add any other item which will fit in the foil pouch – sugar free chocolate, mints or bubblegum, etc. If your guests prefer to eat the chocolate, the wrapper could be kept as a memento. Consider how nice it would be to have an image of you and your couple, your personalized message of wedding date that professionally printed and wrapped in a sublime candy for every guest.

More Addition for Personalized Candy

You may additionally opt to add a mint book to the package. Mint books look a bit like match books but contain mint or fruit candy. They’re also excellent for place card holders, souvenirs, a part of a centerpiece, etc. These can also be personalized along with your message and are a match to your personalized candy wrappers.

Even much better! Add also personalized water bottles to the favor mix. Matching bottle labels may be personalized for this mementos occasion. Guests will certainly remember this unforgettable occasion with a table decked out in personalized candy bar place holders, a personalized miniature centerpiece, personalized mint books, and also personalized water bottles.

Just once they thought it had been over, say thank you with a personalized thank you card. Personalized invitations may be used as announcements, thank you cards, invitations, stationary, and more! Your guest will suppose you have out done yourself with all of this wonderful package. How will they ever forget your wedding with such lovely souvenirs?

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