Red and White Wedding Cakes – The Classic Romance

White is a classic color and red symbolizes passion and romance. So what better combination for a wedding cake than red and white?

red and white wedding cakes

Most of the red and white wedding cakes appear to be white cakes with red decorations; however there are some red wedding cakes with white cake decorations on them also. Things like red roses, red rose petals or love hearts appear to be the most thing people think about once they consider red and white wedding cakes and definitely found plenty of various takes on these themes.

Decorations of Red and White Wedding Cakes

Roses are a very classic decoration for red and white wedding cakes and they’re utilized in many ways. Some people use real roses, others use edible roses which typically made of gum paste. A lot of other ways can be accustomed to incorporate roses and wedding cakes and they all appear so special.

The other way of using roses is by incorporating rose petals as red and white wedding cakes decoration. This could be done in conjunction with roses or with alternative decorations like cake ribbon – even on their own rose petals are a really romantic touch to feature on a wedding cake.

One lovely way of incorporating rose petals on red and white wedding cakes is by having an all-white cake, perhaps with a couple of pearl decorations incorporated then adding a bride and groom cake topper where the rose that the bride is holding helps to tie the rose petals idea to the cake.

The next step is just scatter a few of rose petals (you will get edible ones if you’d prefer to use them) over the cake and a few on the wedding cake table similarly – there you have got a really romantic red and white wedding cakes.

Hearts as the part of your red and white wedding cakes

Hearts are the synonymous with love and romance therefore it’s hardly surprising that they’re usually thought of in conjunction with flowers – red roses specifically. These wedding cakes have hearts iced onto the cakes and red roses added as the cake decorations and they look really fantastic.

Another way to include hearts and roses would be to use a heart or perhaps a double heart cake topper on the top of the cake and mix with either rose petals or a couple of red roses on other tiers of the cake. Heart cake toppers are actually very popular with brides and grooms as they’re promising to always love and cherish one another once they get married.

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