Silver Wedding Rings

Radiant silver wedding rings have not gone out of favor – even with the arrival of latest wedding ring metals and materials of the last century. However before getting a silver wedding ring, it’s useful to understand a little bit regarding the properties of silver and also the best kind of silver used for silver wedding rings. Silver may be a very soft and highly malleable metal, and pure silver is way too soft to craft into a wedding ring made to last. The finest silver for wedding rings, by far is sterling silver (92.5% silver alloyed with 7.5% copper by weight).

silver wedding rings

Silver Wedding Rings pros and cons

Sterling silver wedding rings are many couple’s favorite with two main reasons. The first reason is the look of sterling silver can’t be matched – no other metal has the inner glow, radiance and natural brilliance like sterling silver. The other reason is sterling silver wedding rings are very affordable – compared to gold and platinum. Extremely intricate silver bands too created with embellishment work and engravings are also quite cheap.

Wedding rings created with sterling silver are also available in a nearly endless choice of designs. Because silver is so malleable, it’s a favorite with jewelers – and it’s not difficult to find distinctive silver wedding rings that have been fondly crafted by skilled hands.

Silver wedding rings would require special care and aren’t as sturdy as other kinds of metal rings such gold, titanium and platinum. Silver wedding rings able to scratch and bend under pressure, and thin silver rings particularly won’t wear well with time. Silver wedding rings can eventually tarnish too and need to be cleaned frequently to keep up their shine. The good news is that with a little care, silver rings will last in good condition for several generations to come. Silver additionally has the highest electrical and heat conductivity of any metal. This means that if a silver wedding ring is exposed to heat it’ll quickly become hot – and for those who work in any capacities involving electricity, silver would most likely not be a decent metal to choose for a wedding ring.

Special care for sterling silver Wedding Rings

To keep silver wedding rings in great shape for several years to come, follow these useful care suggestions:

Because silver able to bend under pressure and scratch, silver wedding rings ought to be removed before performing any activities that may expose the rings to extreme pressure and/or hard knocks or blows. Silver rings too ought to be removed before performing any household chores that may expose the rings to scratches – such as washing dishes.

When silver wedding rings are removed, it’s best to store them in a cloth bag – separated from other jewelry items that may scratch them. To clean silver rings, wash the rings tenderly in warm soapy water then dry with a soft sprucing cloth. Use a tarnish removal product that is approved for sterling silver rings. If the ring does become damaged or bent, a professional jeweler might be able to buff out the scratches and/or straighten the ring. Once a year clean and buff appointment with a professional jeweler may help to get rid of scratches and maintain shine on silver wedding rings.

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