Small Wedding Ideas – Fun, Unique and Unforgettable

Small Wedding Ideas – Being practical has become a trend lately. If you can do things without spending a lot, then by all means go with that. This is so true even with the weddings. Couples would rather love to save on the expenses for the wedding and then use the money instead to other needs such a new home, a car, or things to furnish their house. Howsoever you look at it, this is undoubtedly a wise move. Besides, small weddings don’t essentially need to be very plain and look cheap. There are some creative and unique ideas that you simply can implement on your wedding to make a fun and extraordinary wedding. Following simple wedding ideas will help you out.

Small Wedding Ideas – The Ceremony

Most religious would still need to be married in a church, which is officiated by a priest or minister, however if this can be really not that necessary for the couple, then you are able to think about having a civil bridal ceremony. This way, you do not need to worry about the entourage dressing, decor the church, think of hiring a choir, or finding an available schedule for the ceremony. Civil weddings are just as legal and binding. Additionally, it’s a very private affair, creating your wedding more special among family and friends.

Small Wedding Ideas – The Venue

As mentioned above, small wedding does not need to be so plain. If you hold the event in a lovely garden, in a tent or ranch by the beach, your background are going to be so naturally wonderful that your wedding pictures will be the envy of everybody. Having a wedding in such venues will cost you less, considering that you will have the reception in the same spot too.

Small Wedding Ideas

Small Wedding Ideas – The Invitations

You can create your own wedding invitations and announcements rather than hiring the services from a wedding shop. This will make your invitations a lot more special since they have your own personal touches. Since you’re only having a small wedding, you are able to write down the invitations and paint them individually to make each of them unique. Here is a nice idea. If you are going to have a beach wedding, send them flip-flops along with the invitations, so your guests are beach-ready when they reach the venue.

Handwritten Wedding Invitations

Small Wedding Ideas – The Souvenirs

A decent souvenir idea is to give your guest a photograph of them taken throughout the wedding. You area able to send these to them along with your thank-you cards or you can hand the photos during the wedding event itself. Photo booths became a growing trend currently, that you will see them in many kind of celebration. The couple are able take a while to have a picture with their guests and write down a personal message on it.

Small Wedding Ideas – The Reception

The receptions used to be held at noon or in the evening so lunch or dinner can be served. But today, since most weddings are held after lunch, foods at the reception mostly consist of snacks or finger foods that your guests can nibble on while celebrating the union. This could create the affair a lot more casual and fun, which is what wedding receptions ought to be.

These small wedding ideas can make you have the loveliest wedding by the companion of your closest friends and families, without draining your pocket. The private venue and small party can create the event more special, unique, meaningful, and unforgettable for the couple and guests.

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