Wedding Cake Ideas for Spring

If you’re coming up with a spring wedding, than without a doubt your wedding cake ideas should coordinate flawlessly with the season. When you think about foods that grow in the spring time, what comes to mind? Lots of berries. So once selecting a cake flavor tries to incorporate all those delicious berries into it. Think fresh strawberry puree or tasty lemon cake with blackberry filling. If you wish to keep your cake chocolate but are not sure about the way to incorporate a cake flavor with chocolate, think of cherry panache filling.

wedding cake ideas

Inspirations for spring wedding cake ideas

Seasonal colors should be taken into consideration when designing for your wedding cake ideas. Need inspirations? Simply look at the world around you. You may see lovely green and pinks, oranges, purples and yellows all from the fresh bloomed trees. A bright blue sky with preppy white clouds slowly drifting by could be a good inspiration. Don’t be afraid to add cake accessories in the form of little birds or butterflies. All of those accents can provide your cake design an ideal spring time look.

Flowers accessories make your wedding cake ideas more beautiful, thus be sure to choose some nice spring blooms. Make sure to select spring blooms for your bouquet, and then have the wedding cake tiers adorned in matching flowers. If you don’t have the choice of fresh flowers, ask your baker to make sugar versions of your wedding flowers. Alternative choices include having your baker paint lovely floral onto your wedding cake tiers or if you prefer an additional trendy look, try having a few large sugar peonies added to your cake design.

Ice cream for spring wedding cake ideas

Another good way to make wedding cake accessories is to serve some kind of side that compliments, or goes with your cake. Even if you have chosen a not so spring time feel cake, you can still add somewhat little bit of spring by serving your cake a la mode on the side with gourmet lavender ice cream or keep it simple just by serving chocolate dipped strawberries. Want to remain away from the chocolate? Then think about just serving an assortment of berries with a small indefinite amount of fresh cream, yummy! Adding these sides could be a sure way to produce an overall impressive cake design.

If you are planning for a wedding in summer you might also want to check out following wedding cake ideas for summer or perhaps something different like unique wedding cakes to make your ideal wedding dream comes true. Happy Wedding and enjoy your spring wedding cake ideas.

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