Wedding Cake Ideas for Summer

Wedding Cake Ideas – Having a wedding ceremony in the summer season is quite pleasant and fun. We just have to make sure that the wedding ceremony can provides a summer atmosphere and of course make it a lot of fun than the common wedding. In order to create a successful summer themed wedding we need to think about certain things. One of them is the wedding cake ideas which must support the theme for summer.

Cheerful styles are ideal for summer wedding cake ideas. A cascade of vividly colorful tropical flowers made of sugar could be an extraordinary decoration for a summer cake. Embellish your cake with sugar coral, seashells, sand dollars, or tropical fish. For a rustic wedding, a terrific summer cake design could be a buttercream cake frosted in a basket weave pattern with fresh berries as topper. Simply make sure to keep it out of the sunlight, because buttercream will melt!

wedding cake ideas

Use bright frosting for your summer wedding cake ideas

Cupcakes became a classic alternative to tiered wedding cake ideas. They’re fun, simple to serve, and can be displayed during a manner that’s just as pretty as a conventional cake. An assortment of pastel frosted cupcakes on a white embroidery porcelain tiered stand could be a pretty dessert for a summer wedding. Every tier of the stand can feature a unique cupcake flavor, like lemon, vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. You can pick a bright combination for the frosting, like green and pink or turquoise and tangerine. Another nice idea for summer cupcakes is key lime cake which frosted with a coconut icing; the tropical flavors would be very much appealing for a beach wedding.

Fresh fruit pies are an excellent alternative to a wedding cake or cupcake that symbolizes a summer reception. Order an assortment of pies consist all the best seasonal fruits, such as blueberry, peach, cherry, and strawberry-rhubarb. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream for an exquisite dessert. You can either have an entire pie table, or serve little mini pies to every guest (perhaps having one larger pie for the cake cutting ceremony). An excellent favor idea for a pie reception could be a small basket of peaches or berries with the pie recipe tied to the basket with a ribbon.

Other desert for summer wedding cake ideas

There are more tasty possibilities for summer wedding desserts to accomplish the summer wedding cake ideas. Chocolate lovers will indulge their appetite with a brownie cake. Stencil a gorgeous design on the top with powdered sugar, and embellish round the edge with fresh raspberries. An ice cream dessert or gelato bar could be a fantastic dessert idea for a summer reception, perhaps in addition to cakes or cupcake tower.

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