Titanium Wedding Bands as your love strength symbol

Titanium wedding bands are quickly popular due to titanium’s high level of strength, lustrous and splendid look, light-weight properties and reasonable prices. Titanium is the seventh most abundant metal, and titanium has even been found in some forms of meteorites – it’s also believed that titanium is present on the sun too.

For the needs of titanium wedding rings, the best kind of titanium is Commercially Pure (CP) Grade titanium that is 99% pure. CP titanium is available in Grades one through four, although for wedding rings Grades two to four CP is the best. While these rings are very strong and scratch resistant, they can still be removed with cutting tools in the event of an emergency.

Titanium Wedding Bands

Aircraft grade titanium and Black titanium

There is plenty of titanium wedding bands on the market made of aircraft grade titanium rings – however there is some stuff you should understand about these rings. Aircraft grade titanium is 90% pure titanium by weight and alloyed with 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium to increase the natural strength of titanium metal even more. The world titanium Council doesn’t endorse these kinds of rings, especially for a titanium wedding ring, because they’re so strong that cannot be removed easily in an emergency nor can they be removed using regular cutting tools. It’s also not possible to resize, repair or engrave aircraft grade titanium rings.

There is also Black titanium wedding bands that created by either treating the titanium through a process that transforms the color of the metal. However you need to know that real black titanium rings always involves a treatment of the whole metal and not just a coating over the surface.

Titanium Wedding Bands – unique and strong

Titanium wedding bands have the strength and durability to stand-up to lifelong wear and tear. These rings are 100% anti-allergy and proof against corrosion and tarnish – titanium can even stay proof against tarnish even if exposed to salt water. Titanium is also a poor conductor of heat and electricity – thus if the ring is exposed to heat it’ll not become hot. And while titanium is extraordinarily strong, it’s also light in weight.

You will not find traditional ring designs available at this time in titanium. And resizing and repairing the rings are often expensive since titanium rings are so strong. However, there are some titanium rings for woman crafted in fashionable designs – for ladies who want to go with a unique and restive kind of ring look.

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