Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding Planning Timeline – Getting married must be one of the most exciting and unforgettable days of your life. Most of the preparation will be time consuming and nerve-wracking, however the whole ceremony of it all should also be fun. Creating it fun and special can only be done if you have got a wedding planning timeline in place to make sure that everything goes smoothly, that nothing is forgotten which you get everything prepared in lots of time for you to still get pleasure from it.

Wedding Planning Timeline

Reasons Why You Need Wedding Planning Timeline

There are several reasons for having a timeline for your wedding. The primary and foremost is so that your wedding day is completed properly and that everything goes consistent with your dreams. If you have got no timeline, the invitations might be sent too late, the cake might not be prepared and you may not even have a good venue as many places are reserved up a year before.

Another reason that you need a wedding timeline is that you just need to have everything prepared well before the wedding day and not running around the night before, when you ought to be relaxing, folding place cards and attempting to find a DJ! You need to make sure that everything is finished and arranged a minimum of a week before your wedding day – then you’ll be able to relax.

You also don’t want to forget something. A timeline additionally includes a list of all the things you would like to remember for the marriage just like the invitations, place cards and also other stationary, favors, flowers, wedding cake, booking the venue, DJ and even catering services. Finding all the wedding dresses and the accessories, also as sorting out the decorations, order of evening, the ceremony service and anything else you would like to add to create your wedding day wonderful.

You will additionally need a wedding planning timeline for everyone else’s benefit. You’re not the only bride around and therefore the caterers, florists, dress makers and others got to arrange your things ahead of time and certify that they will get it prepared by your wedding. The timeline also is a goal, because you can’t do everything in one week. As several brides have jobs also, planning is left for the weekends and you would like to ensure you can get everything done in time for your wedding day.

Following wedding planning timeline will help you setting your dates and targets for the tasks that you just will need to accomplish before your wedding day.

The Wedding Planning Timeline

12 to 18 Months Before

  • ___ Shop for Wedding Ring
  • ___ Reserve Photographer and Videographer
  • ___ Reserve Reception Facility
  • ___ Reserve Ceremony site
  • ___ Choose Your entertainment
  • ___ Contact a Wedding Advisor (unless your facility has one)
  • ___ Add a Theme to Your Wedding

6 to 12 Months Before

  • ___ Arrange Hotel and Court Accommodations for your Out of City Guests
  • ___ Order your Wedding Gown
  • ___ Select Members of Your Bridal Party
  • ___ Schedule photo for Engagement Announcement
  • ___ Shop for Brides Maid gowns
  • ___ Secure a photograph for the Engagement Announcement
  • ___ Schedule Wedding Transportation
  • ___ Select a color scheme for Your Wedding
  • ___ Mail Engagement info to the Newspapers
  • ___ Work on Honeymoon Plans
  • ___ Call a Florist

3 to 6 Months Before

  • ___ Complete the Bridal registry
  • ___ Order the wedding Cake
  • ___ Make Honeymoon Plans
  • ___ Order invitations and Thank You Notes
  • ___ Reserve Rehearsal Dinner site

2 Months Before

  • ___ Order men’s Formal Wear
  • ___ Order Accessories for Reception
  • ___ Meet along with your Wedding Organizer
  • ___ Decide on the desired played Music you want
  • ___ Select Attendants’ Gifts
  • ___ Try on gown and set Alterations
  • ___ Address Invitations
  • ___ Take your Formal Portrait
  • ___ Mail Invitations

1 Month Before

  • ___ Confirm all Locations and Times
  • ___ Purchase Party supplies
  • ___ Mail Thank you Notes for the Shower Gifts

1 to 2 Weeks Before

  • ___ Apply for the Wedding License
  • ___ Final Meeting with Florist
  • ___ Finalize with the Caterer
  • ___ Confirm all Travel Plans for the Honeymoon
  • ___ Make Seating plan for Reception
  • ___ Pick Up Formal Wear
  • ___ Confirm: with all Vendors.

1 Day Before

  • ___ Get prepared for the big DAY!

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