Wedding Wedges Set A Comfortable Wedding


Wedding Wedges – On your wedding day you may wish to appear elegant and feel comfortable because you will be on your feet a lot and perhaps need to walk to and from places, dancing, having photos taken and the very last thing you got are blisters on your toes. The most bridal shoe designs don’t seem to be very comfy and therefore the heels are usually hard to walk in. However, there are several comfortable and stylish wedding wedges that have high heels and yet with cork or plastic wedges or padding which are rather more comfortable.

wedding wedges

Here are a couple of Wedding Wedges ideas:

  • Colorific Victoria Women’s Wedding Wedges in satin
  • Ivory wedding sandals in satin rhinestone with satin finish, rhinestone detail and a 3.5 in. wedge that looks a lot like something
  • Clear Cinderella sandals with a nonskid sole, terrific for dancing
  • Farah White satin rhinestone wedding wedge
  • Shakira’s Touch Ups
  • High wedge flip flop with crystals ornament – sensible for beach weddings

Wedding Wedges need not be solely satin. In reality an excellent looking pair of bridal shoes could also be made of croc faux leather embellished with rhinestones or a pair of wedge shoes in a light color except white. Wedge shoes for woman that are designed for bridal purpose are usually too ornate for just a simple wedding dress, so even though the price is right the decoration or the shoes might not be.

Gold wedge shoes or silver sandals are perhaps too much for a simple wedding; however a pair of champagne colored cork shoes or even a pair of hemp espadrilles is also wonderful for less formal wedding. Pink shoes might be a cool alternative if the wedding theme is youthful and stuffed with color. Or a pair of blue wedding wedge shoes might be great for your something blue wedding.

However you end up selecting do not forget that high heel wedding wedges will probably be more comfortable than stilettos or classic pumps. Here are some references for your ideal Wedding Wedge.

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