Wooden Wedding Rings

Wooden wedding rings are a good display of natural beauty. And for couples looking for eco-friendly rings, wooden wedding bands are the right choice. Additionally to eco-friendly characteristics and its gorgeousness, wood wedding rings can be shaped into a variety of designs using a number of colorful hardwoods. They could include plain wood bands, braided patterns, and colorful inlay styles. Wood wedding rings can even be set with gemstones and center diamonds. Wooden wedding rings also hypoallergenic in most cases (depending on what kind of finish is used on the rings) and are an excellent choice for those that suffer from metal allergies. If you’re looking for distinctive wedding rings too that no two are specifically alike, you can get hand-carved wood rings that each have their own one of a kind characteristics. Wood rings can be also crafted in matched sets, and may have added custom features on the rings like a wood burn engraving on the inside or outside of the rings. Wood wedding bands are quite low on the scale once it comes to heat and electrical conductivity properties. So, for those that work around electricity and are involved concerning the hazards of a metal ring – a wood ring could be a terrific option. Last but not least, wooden wedding rings are a wonderful alternative for couples looking for cheap wedding rings designed with top quality craft.

wooden wedding rings

Best wood for wooden wedding rings

The biggest cons are enchanting rings are that they’re going to need special care to remain in good condition for years to come. Wooden wedding rings can’t be re-sized either, however the good news is that they’re reasonable to replace if your ring size changes down the road. The environmental and ethical advantages of wood rings can be lost if the rings are created with gold, platinum, gemstones or diamonds that haven’t been obtained through ethical or eco-friendly resources and if the rings are created with woods that haven’t been obtained through sustainable means. The best woods for wooden wedding rings are hardwoods like ash, hickory, birch, oak, sandalwood, eucalyptus, maple, aspen, cherry, dogwood, elm, apple wood, poplar, and walnut. Every of those woods have lovely grain designs and even distinctive in special meanings, which can help couples choose the proper wood for their rings.

Caring your wooden wedding rings

While special care instructions could depend on the kind of wooden ring purchased, and the way it had been created and finished, as a general rules these special care recommendations ought to be followed for wood wedding bands. Remove the rings before bathing, showering or swimming. Remove the rings before doing any activities that might expose the rings to abrasives, chemicals or hard knocks. While most wood rings can face up to regular hand washing, they ought to not be worn once hands are exposed to wetness for long periods of your time, as an example when washing dishes. Make sure to have a new finish applied as required to protect the wood. Remove wooden wedding rings before putting cosmetics on your hands like lotion, hair gel etc.

Some people who specialize in crafting wood rings can use wood that features a sentimental worth (for example, a piece of hardwood from a park that a couple met), and might even incorporate objects – such as seashells – into the design of the bands. There are many possibilities, therefore take it slow and really contemplate what special features or styles you’ll need with a wooden wedding ring!

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